From a mix of glamour and bohemian charms in San Francisco, to the lush landscapes of the Sierras, this unique trip takes you on an eclectic journey through the heart of America’s West. A combination of our Enchanting Canyonlands and American Parks Trail trips, you’ll experience everything from the mystical healing powers of Sedona, to the world famous Grand Canyon and the Japanese tea gardens of Golden Gate Park. You’ll enhance your experience by staying at lodges within the National Parks themselves, allowing you to not only witness, but wake up to show stopping views.

Package Details

Package: Grand Journey of America's West
Duration: 23 Days / 1 Country
Tour Code: AGEL
Destination Start: San Francisco - End: Rapid City/ Denver
Price: from MYR33570


Grand Journey of America

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23D1C Grand Journey of America's West - AGEL ii"]