Discover the best of Europe on this Costsaver trip, taking in Prague, Amsterdam, Lucerne and more.

Roll up your sleeves for an adventure-filled encounter with Europe. This 13-day journey will see you expand your mind in free-thinking Amsterdam, crane your neck to see the towering spires of Prague and kick back on the canals of Venice. A particular highlight is your romantic cruise down the Rhine where fairy tales come to life and medieval castles reveal a time of feuding lords surveying their kingdoms. Be a part of your own story as you wind your way through Europe with new friends.

Package Details

Package: European Adventures
Duration: 13 Days / 9 Countries
Tour Code: EFIS
Destination Start: London - End: London
Price: from RM7163


Map showing route taken, modes of transport and stays during your holiday

13D9C European Adventure - EFIS i"]

13D9C European Adventure - EFIS ii"]