Immerse yourself in the stunning sites Venice, Paris, Rome and Avignon have to offer. Bathe in sunlight while soaking up the flavours of Europe in all its summer glory.

Keep your eyes off the road and on the epic landscapes of the Rhine, Tuscany and the French Riviera as you journey from London to all the main highlights of Europe. Explore Venice and Paris, encounter centuries of papal history in Avignon and Rome, and cruise down Europe’s mightiest river. You won’t miss a thing on this jaunt across Europe with new friends.

Package Details

Package : European Accent
Duration : 14 Days / 9 Countries
Tour Code : EACC
Destination : London - End : London
Price: from RM7919


Map showing route taken, modes of transport and stays during your holiday

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14D9C European Accent - EACC ii"]