Highlights of this exploration of Britain and Ireland include the castles of Edinburgh, Dublin, Cardiff and Blarney.

Go behind the scenes on an exploration of all the highlights of Great Britain and Ireland, from the haunt of Shakespeare to Edinburgh’s medieval allure, the sweeping Cliffs of Moher to England’s celebrated Lake District. Come face-to-face with the legacies of the Vikings, Romans and Normans, witness the sites of great tragedies and triumphs, and keep a keen eye out for an elusive monster hidden in a famous loch.

Package Details

Package: Britain & Ireland Explorer
Duration: 16 Days / 5 Countries
Tour Code: BIXP
Destination Start: London - End: London
Price: from MYR8411


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16D5C Britain and Ireland Explorer - BIXP i"]

16D5C Britain and Ireland Explorer - BIXP ii"]