Journey into Britain and Ireland’s history, visiting places like the dingle Peninsula and Windsor.

Travel through landscapes that have inspired world-famous writers and poets, from Shakespeare to Robert Burns. On this 12-day journey across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, you’ll see medieval castles and cathedrals, wander past the famous Chester Rows and kiss the Blarney Stone. The idyllic settings of the Lake District, Dingle Peninsula and the Cotswolds give way to vibrant capitals and the little-known train station with the world’s longest name.

Package Details

Package: Britain & Ireland Experience
Duration: 12 Days / 4 Countries
Tour Code: BIEX
Destination Start: London - End: London
Price: from MYR5954


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12D4C Britain and Ireland Experience - BIEX i"]

12D4C Britain and Ireland Experience - BIEX ii"]