Castles, churches and old-fashioned towns are covered during this in-depth journey.

The best of Britain and Ireland are served up on this 8-day adventure crisscrossing five different countries. See landscapes that have inspired poetry, medieval monuments to God and stony fortresses that housed royals, soldiers and important artefacts. You’ll wind your way through the Yorkshire Dales, wander down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and discover a bit of the craic in Dublin, before fine crystal, Celtic tales and a fairy-tale castle or two complete your journey.

Package Details

Package: Britain & Ireland Delight
Duration: 8 Days / 5 Countries
Tour Code: BIDE
Destination Start: London - End: London
Price: from MYR4139


Map showing route taken, modes of transport and stays during your holiday

8D5C Britain and Ireland Delight - BIDE i"]

8D5C Britain and Ireland Delight - BIDE ii"]